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Bodegas Solana is a personal project of Basilio Rodriguez, President and CEO of Casa Ventura Imports, in a really exciting but old wine region of Spain: Cariñena. Garnacha (55%), Mazuela (Cariñena) and Tempranillo are the referent grape varietals in this appellation that is 75 years old, even though, as in many other parts of Spain, there is proof of wine being made before Roman times.

Jesus Navascués is the wine maker of this project. He is definitely the wine maker with the most knowledge of Garnacha in Spain, with a long family tradition in wine making.

From Toro La Familia Solana brings you the FAMILIA SOLANA series, based on the superb TINTA DE TORO (the name for Tempranillo in the region). The “joven” version of this wine series is a blend of Tinta de Toro and over a century old Garnacha.

All the labels of LA FAMILIA SOLANA have an old family picture of Basilio Rodriguez on them.

Wine List:
- FAMILIA SOLANA CLASICO 2012 (Red Wine - 85% Tinta de Toro, 15% Old Vine Garnacha)
- FAMILIA SOLANA CRIANZA 2010 (70% Garnacha, 30% Syrah)
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