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BODEGAS AYNA (Vino de la Tierra de Castilla)
Ayna is the name of a very small village in the south east part of La Mancha, right in the mountainous border with Jaen & Murcia. The locals call Ayna the Switzerland of La Mancha for its many mountains & green fields. With a winemaking family tradition that dates back to 1870, Ayna tempranillo constitutes the essence of a region. A region with over 3,000 years of wine history. Right on this spot in 228 BC, the local iberians killed the Carthaginian general and statesman Hamilcar Barca, father of Hannibal, who later on would cross the Pyrenees and the Alps with 40,000 men and 40 elephants in the war against Rome. Both father and son are considered the greatest war strategists in history, and wine from this very place was taken along their trips. It is said that the Barca family decided to stay here for the beauty of the area and the great gifts of nature, including the best wine of the country. Ayna saw many battles as it was in the moors, christians border for decades, but wine making tradition was never lost.
Wine List:
- AYNA 2014 (100% Tempranillo)
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