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COMENGE (D.O. Ribera del Duero)
Bodegas Comenge lays on in the heart of the beautiful Valle del Cuco, in Curiel de Duero. Miguel Comenge, father of the current owner, Jaime Comenge, wrote the acclaimed book “The vines and wines of Spain” in 1942, a book that still today is a basic reference for oenology students in the country.
The Comenge family is obsessed with producing the best possible wines out of their terrific estate only by using artisan and organic methods . Their wines are very personal, with lots of character and complexity.
Their constant pursue of perfection and habitat harmony also encouraged them to isolate the natural yeasts grown in the skin of their own grapes for the fermentation process. It is not an easy task to use exclusively native yeasts to make reds, but they believe that this is the best way to enhance their Tempranillo grapes, making wines with better color, aromas and a more velvety structure (they own a fermentation process patent along with the Polytechnic University of Madrid), and above all, a wine that is absolutely true to its land.
This obsession for quality also drove them to set two selection tables at the winery, one before and one after the de-stemming, where 12 people sort through over 110 million grapes! The total production of the winery is around 10,000 cases. Around 2,700 feet high of altitude and Continental climate.
Wine List:
- BIBERIUS 2013 (100% Tinto Fino (Tempranilllo))
- COMENGE 2010 (100% Tinto Fino (Tempranilllo))
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