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In an area famous for it’s Garnacha old vines, highly-gifted winemaker, Susana Ruberte, has headed her estate ́s winemaking for over 25 years. Before taking over the running of the cellar, Susana served a 10-year as apprentice under her father, Señor Ruberte, during which time she acquired invaluable knowledge and wisdom from one of D.O. Campo de Borja’s founding fathers.
The wines are aged in a 500 year old cave which was painstakingly cut into the Moncayo Mountain by local farmers over many decades and generations.
Their ancestors traditionally used these caves to house the oak casks in which they stored and aged their wines. With their constant year-round temperature of 14 C, several of these caves are still in use today as refuges for their owners when the summer heat reaches its stifling peak.
Susana’s is the only such cave in the area that continues to serve its original purpose and the mountain walls hold firm and still provide the ideal cellar for her wines.
Wine List:
- LA GARDEA GARNACHA 2014 (100% Garnacha)
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