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POMPITA is a Spanish Sangria from Valencia made with high quality wines, low alcohol content and low sugar content. We have 3 different flavors: White Sangria with Macabeo white wine and Grapefruit; Rose Sangria with Tempranillo rose wine and Watermelon; and Red Sangria with Tempranillo red wine and Blood Orange.
Pompita is the result of my quest to create an authentically Spanish taste with zesty fruit flavours. There are three styles so far - each inspired by the cities of Madrid, Ibiza and Barcelona respectively - with another on the way soon, watch this space... And in the meantime, relax, chill and enjoy a bottle of Pompita over ice. Salud!
Wine List:
- POMPITA MADRID (White Sparkling Sangria)
- POMPITA IBIZA (Rosť Sparkling Sangria)
- POMPITA BARCELONA (Red Sparkling Sangria)
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